The chairs tears in the make up

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It seems all ministers are bothered about their seats. Even the . spends most of this time in participating the election rallies and criticizing the opposition parties. Huge black money is used for these election rallies. Rs. 2000 notes are useful for these rallies. That was the main idea to introduce /- currency notes. Easy to carry, hide and fit for the deal. No GST imposed on these trips, securities and stages arrangements.

The brief conference ended and all the Environment Team journalists left. (As in, all the REAL journalists.) To go do their Very Important COP23 Journalism work.

Use another wool dauber to apply the dye.  It will be scary at first, but then exciting as you see it change before your eyes and your leather will change colors.

The Chairs Tears In The Make UpThe Chairs Tears In The Make UpThe Chairs Tears In The Make UpThe Chairs Tears In The Make Up